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All our projects are scientist-manager collaborations 
Jeffrey Maynard; Project Leader

PhD Environmental Risk Analysis

BSc and MSc Tropical Marine Biology and Fisheries Ecology


Decision science and support, Information synthesis, Management guidance, Response planning, Climate model applications, Climate vulnerability assessments


Jeffrey Maynard has 20 years experience in applied marine research, conservation, and science communication. He has recently focused on helping coral reef and fisheries managers address threats posed by climate change using remote sensing and climate modeling, decision science, and climate resilience and vulnerability assessments. Jeffrey assembles highly multi-disciplinary project teams that integrate managers and conservation staff, meaning there is no ‘gap to bridge’ between science advances and on-ground management. Projects typically include participatory workshops for planning and for sharing, discussing and developing the final results and reporting products. Jeffrey lives in Carolina Beach, North Carolina with his wife, two sons and two daughters.

Dieter Tracey; Project Leader and GIS and graphics specialist

BSc Botany



GIS applications, Habitat mapping, Graphic design and layout, Conceptual diagram development


Dieter has 15 years experience collaborating with environmental managers and conservationists as a photographer, graphic designer, publication layout specialist, and GIS technician. He specializes in combining photos, maps, graphs and design icons to develop figures and brochures. Products he develops in his collaborations with SymbioSeas effectively communicate science to audiences ranging from the general public to senior policy and decision-makers. He has developed >1000 figures in his work with SymbioSeas that have been published in high-ranking academic journals and as part of published reports delivered to dozens of government, non-profit and university clients. Dieter leads Science Graphics, a science communications consultancy based out of Cairns, Australia (Contact).

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