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SymbioSeas is a research management organization (RMO) that assembles and coordinates multi-disciplinary teams to address climate threats to coastal ecosystems and communities.

SymbioSeas teams deliver on projects that are local and global in scale and impact and at the science-policy interface. Our teams always include managers and conservationists from the outset, maximizing understanding and uptake of our decision-support tools and communications products. 

Our Organizations

SymbioSeas is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit and the Marine Applied Research Center (MARC) is an LLC registered for non-commercial research. We are based on the coast of North Carolina in the USA.

Meet our Board

Our Logos


Ideally, everyone would see human-land-sea connections as relationships that are mutually beneficial and sustainable. SymbioSeas seeks to develop these relationships through scientist-manager-community collaborations that connect managers to science and people to the environment.

Areas of expertise


  • Decision science and support

  • Information synthesis

  • Management guidance

  • Response planning

  • Climate vulnerability assessments

  • Climate model applications

  • Statistics

  • GIS applications

  • Habitat mapping

  • Graphic design and layout

  • Conceptual diagram development

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